Getting Registered

Registering your Startup with the Founders Startup Directory has never been easier.

Step 1: Creating an Account

You can create an account by signing in with Google. The email that you register with should be the same one that we whitelisted. Upon creating an account, you can either join an existing startup or create a new startup.

Creating A New Startup

To create a new startup, you can click "Create A Page" on the onboarding screen and follow the registration form to load information about your startup. You will have to fill out some information regarding your startup, such as your startups name, description, logo, etc.

Step 2: Getting Your Startup Verified

Once you create an account with us, your startup profile will undergo a review process before being published on our Startup Directory Feed. These reviews should take no longer than a few days, but feel free to contact us if it's taking longer than expected.

Step 3: Browse!

Congrats! You have registered with the Founders Startup Directory! Feel free to take a look at all the startups that UIUC has to offer.